Ticket Success Tips

Following are some helpful tips concerning eTickets or tickets purchased at the Rodeo Box Office.

  1. For 2020, all pre-sales of rodeo tickets are online only and can be found by going to the Box Office link at https://colemanrodeo.com using your computer or phone browser.
  2. If you purchase online tickets, you should receive an email within a few minutes with a receipt and a PDF copy of your ticket(s). This may come as two separate emails, a few minutes apart. If you DO NOT receive an email, please send a text message to 325-252-3780 and include your order number (if you have it), and your name and phone number.
  3. Online tickets DO NOT need to be printed out on paper. We will be able to scan your ticket barcode directly from your phone. If you will not have your phone with you, or you are not the person who purchased the ticket, you will need a printed copy or you will need the other person to forward you the email so it will be on your phone.
  4. Each ticket is good only for the night for which it was purchased. This is different from normal years. In 2020, you must have a Thursday ticket to attend on Thursday. You must have a Friday ticket to attend on Friday, and you must have a Saturday ticket to attend on Saturday.
  5. Online ticket sales for each night will cease at 5pm. At that time, you will need to purchase tickets at the ticket booth located at the south end of the arena. Only 1000 tickets are available each night, and weekend tickets are going fast.
  6. When arriving at the rodeo:
    • Please have your ticket pulled up on your phone.
    • Pinch to zoom out a bit to make the barcode bigger.
    • Position the barcode away from any cracks on your screen.
    • If you purchased multiple tickets, it will be multiple barcodes.
  7. Cooler Passes:
    • Good for any night of the rodeo. But you will need a separate cooler pass for each night.
    • Coolers will be checked when you enter the arena gates.
    • Alcohol is allowed (21 and over only).
    • NO GLASS is allowed in your cooler!
  8. Enjoy the Rodeo!